Our web developer completes your web design in 2 phases. During the phases you may review your website online as we provide a link to your design while it is under construction.

PHASE 1 is the look and feel of your new website design. We take that image (your new website look) back and forth a couple times to fine-tune the design to your liking. This includes the overall style of the web design, such as clean and modern, an Old World feel, high tech, and more. This part also includes decisions on navigation structure, font selection, color scheme selection and so on. Once you approve the design (no real text or pictures yet-just the look) you email us saying the “design is approved” in whatever verbiage you use to complete Phase 1. If any changes are made to the structure of the design after you approved the design, changes to the design will be billable at our normal hourly rate. Send us your text, pictures, logos, etc. If you would prefer, you can work with our web content writer to create the text for your website

PHASE 2 is where we then slice the site design into web pages and start entering your text and pictures into the website design. You can look at the design in this process online at any time to see your progress. You are responsible for providing the text for your website unless you purchased our text writing option. We would highly recommend purchasing that option if you have never written for websites in the past. It is a technique of writing that is different than writing brochures, as you now have search engines as an added audience and they are extremely picky about the text they track. Also, you will need to send us pictures for your site as well. Click Here for some more details about pictures for your website! Once you approve the final design we backup your old site, if applicable, upload your new site to your hosting area, test your web form(s) and make sure your pages and links are working.



For up to 30 days you can send us basic text updates at no extra fee. This is not complete reloading of the text or design, just minor issues that neither you nor Coastal Web found before we launched. It doesn’t happen often, but if something slips through the cracks, we want to get that fixed for you.

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