Marketing to Moms – Coastal web services

Did you know that busy moms make 90% of their purchases online? MediaPost recently published a roundup of marketing research as it relates to moms.

coastal web services
coastal web services

 48% have used their smartphone to research products in the last week. Can they find your site?
 10% more moms are using tablets; 13% more moms use smartphones – This is more proof that it’s essential that your business website is mobile friendly.
 60% of moms check Facebook multiple times a day (up from 47% of last year) – Facebook ISN’T dead, at least among moms. Consider using Facebook ads to get in front of moms where they spend major time
 68% are following at least one brand on Facebook. Shouldn’t it be yours?
 65% have made a purchase due to a recommendation they saw online – check your testimonials and reviews online to make sure they’re positive. Respond to any negative reviews.
79% of mobile moms use phones in-store [Fierce Retail]
 79% of moms use their phones specifically for in-store shopping
 73% use it to comparison shop in a mass retailer
 35% in a grocery store
 22% in a discount store
 Moms engage with mobile ads more if a coupon is attached – Enough said
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