Harford County Mobile Website Design


Coastal Web Services is now a mobile website design company in addition to a custom web design and SEO services company. We are now getting a lot of requests from our customers to design a mobile website for their business. Their competitors are starting to get them setup and they don’t want to be left behind. You certainly want to capture as much business as possible, and the best web design for a mobile site, if designed correctly, will make it faster and easier for the customer to contact you. The mobile website design is focused on the customer calling you right away versus the web surfer taking the time to research information, then possibly contacting you. Most customers have a good general idea of what is involved, but listed below are some basic details so you know what to expect and how you get the process started.

Do you have some more samples of mobile website designs?

Yes. Listed below are some additional samples to view if you are considering how to design a mobile website. We will show a couple designs that display their main site then their mobile site. In the design we try to keep the look and feel of your two websites similar.

Contact Coastal Web Services, your local mobile website design company, for a quote on your new mobile site!

Mobile Web Design Samples

mobile-grubb mobile-dean

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